Fantastic Opportunity for Graduates at the United Nations Fully Funded 2023

UNDP is a fully-funded, fully covered two-year graduate program at the UNDP Regional Office or UNDP Headquarters, New York, United States. The United Nations Development Program launched the United Nations Development Program 2023 Graduate Program for recent graduates. The program is open to all applicants from all over the world of any nationality. UNDP will fully provide visa sponsorship, relocation support, flight tickets and all other things required. Young graduates will have the opportunity to work in the United Nations Development Programme. About 40 applicants will join this year as graduate trainees. All expenses will be covered by UNDP.

UN training

The objective of the UNDP Trainee Program is to provide outstanding young graduates with the skills and experience required to launch a career in international development, the Sustainable Development Goals, build a better future, and make a positive difference in the world! UNDP currently operates in 170 countries of the world, and they may be assigned tasks in more than one location in the world within two years.

Brief description of Opportunity for Graduates at the United Nations

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Details about Opportunity for Graduates at the United Nations

About UNDP Alumni Program 2023

This will be an entry-level program Successful candidates will be included in the 2023 Graduate Program pool. This pool will be used to fill entry-level positions that may become available during 2023.

Financial Benefits of the UN Scholarship

There are a lot of benefits. The UNDP Graduate Trainee Program will cover all expenses. Now what do you want more?

Competitive entry level salary.
A ticket for travel between your location and your business center.
Paid annual leave.
Paid sick leave.
Health and disability insurance.
retirement contributions.

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UN training missions

The Graduate Program offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the mission of the United Nations Development Programme.

Program and Policy: In this track, you will contribute to the programs and activities of UNDP projects.
Institutional Operations: In this track, you will contribute to administrative services that support effective implementation of UNDP programmes, or work on policy, operations and organizational oversight.
Job Location: The UNDP office at any of our 170 locations around the world.

UN Training Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be nationals of countries where UNDP works in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.
If you have completed a master’s: have completed a master’s degree in a related field (with no more than two years’ work experience)
If you have only completed Bachelor’s: Bachelor’s degree completed in a related field (minimum 2 years and no more than 3 years of relevant paid work experience)

UNDP encourages applications from a wide range of relevant courses:

Fields: Political science, public administration, international relations, development studies, economics, statistics, data management, environmental sciences, or any related field. Please review the areas of work of UNDP.
Business, public administration, finance, law, procurement, supply chain management, human resource management, economics, data management, or any related field.
The applicant must be proficient in the English language.

Deadline for applying for a UN scholarship

The last date to complete and submit an online application for the UNDP Graduate Program 2023 is October 12, 2022

How to apply for the UNDP Alumni Program

Online application process and you can access the online application link by visiting the Apply Now button below.

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