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Apply for UK visa sponsorship jobs as there are 46000+ UK companies with an approved license to sponsor applicants. Information I took from the official UK government website. The official UK government list jobs in the UK that sponsor applicants. More details about the visa process will be discussed after the job offer. First, get a letter of offer from the UK company. All international applicants from any country can apply for these positions. Search for a job in the UK in all areas. There are currently 2,398 care jobs in the UK. All of them provide visa sponsorship. You don’t need to go anywhere else and best UK jobs for foreigners .

UK Jobs

The jobs are permanent, temporary and part-time. Minimum salary stats from 10,000 EGP to 100,000 EGP. The UK is facing a severe shortage of workers. It is the right time to apply for visa sponsorship jobs. The UK aims to add more than 3 million jobs to the UK economy, hiring people from home and abroad. That’s why the UK government has also launched the new UK Visa Scale-up. Well, the list of UK visa sponsorship jobs 2023 is available below and ther eis UK Jobs with visa sponsorship .

Brief description of scholarship in UK Jobs


country uk
Donor many company
Target group work
Level of study scholarship
Level of study Funded

Details about scholarship in UK Jobs

Where to work in UK jobs

Care jobs are available at these locations within the UK:

South East England (393)
East of England (312)
London (287)
Scotland (246)
East Midlands (238)
North West England (232)
South West England (199)
Yorkshire and the Humber (183)
West Midlands (173)
North East England (50)
Wales (41)
Northern Ireland (5)
Channel Islands (1)



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UK job classification

Best Urgent jobs in UK for foreigners , Is your domain type available? This shows the number of jobs available for sponsorship. You can find it below

UK Jobs

Healthcare and Nursing Jobs (786)
Human Resources and Recruitment Jobs (262)
Accounting and Finance Jobs (171)
Hospitality and Catering Jobs (164)
Other / General Jobs (150)
Supervisor Jobs (133)
Teaching Jobs (116)
Engineering Jobs (102)
Household Help and Cleaning (86)
Social Work Jobs (86)
Sales Jobs (53)
Scientific and Quality Assurance Jobs (47)
Information Technology Jobs (31)
Logistics and Warehousing Jobs (29)
Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Jobs (27)
Maintenance Jobs (25)
Consulting Jobs (21)
Creative and Design Jobs (20)
Social Care Jobs (20)
Customer Service Jobs (19)
Manufacturing Jobs (14)
Trade and Construction Jobs (11)
Retail Jobs (7)

Graduate Jobs (4)
Legal Jobs (4)
Real Estate Jobs (3)
Travel Jobs (3)
Security and Prevention Services Jobs (2)
Agriculture, Hunting and Forestry Jobs (1)
Energy, Oil & Gas Jobs (1)


List of Companies Approved for UK Jobs

UK Jobs These are just examples of some of the approved UK companies. The full list contains more than 46,000 companies that can sponsor applicants. If you want to see the full list, you can check (List of UK Approved Employers) and Jobs in UK for freshers .

The Google
JP Morgan


How to apply for UK jobs

The jobs listed below are from UK accredited companies that can sponsor applicants. These are verified by the UK government , UK Jobs for Indian .

You must have a job offer from an approved UK company if you are applying for a work visa after getting a job offer. Approved employers are also known as sponsors because they sponsor you to come to or stay in the UK.

Well: Here are the steps to search for and apply for a visa sponsorship job in the UK:

Step 1: Visit the UK government website:
Step 2: You will see a search bar. Type “sponsorship or visa sponsorship” and press enter.
Step 3: All UK care jobs from UK approved companies will be listed. And you can apply directly from there online.

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