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Applications are invited for the University of Lausanne (UNIL) Master’s Scholarship 2023/2024. Masters scholarships are scholarships for excellence awarded exclusively to students who have graduated from a foreign university and whose academic results are very high.

UNIL awards about ten scholarships annually. The scholarship is awarded for the minimum statutory period of the program chosen by the student and there is fully funded undergraduate scholarships in switzerland .

Brief description of scholarship in scholarships in Switzerland

country Switzerland
Donor University of Lausanne
Target group master
Level of study scholarship
Level of study Funded

Details about scholarship in scholarships in Switzerland

Eligibility for scholarships in Switzerland

Best phd scholarships in switzerland , The applicant has obtained a foreign university degree considered equivalent to a bachelor’s degree at UNIL prior to beginning the master’s program at UNIL.
You must have distinguished yourself during your studies, especially through particularly impressive academic results and fully funded scholarships in switzerland 2022 .
You must have a language level of at least B2 (according to the global scale of the European Language Portfolio) in either French or English depending on the language in which the chosen Master is taught.
Not have been registered with UNIL in the past.
You have paid 200 Swiss francs as an administration fee.


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Eligible Programs in scholarships in Switzerland

scholarships in switzerland for international students 2023 , A list of all UNIL master’s degrees that can be applied for can be found here:

It is not possible to apply for the following programs:

Master’s degree from the College of Medicine
MA in Education Science and Practice
Master of Laws. Exceptions: Open to applications for master’s scholarships: the disciplines “International and Comparative Law”, “Legal Theory” and “International Tax Law and Policy”
Master of Science in Physical Education and Sports Education
Master of Science in Health Sciences
Master of Science in Sustainable Management and Technology
All MASs (3rd Cycle Programs, Additional Education Programs)


To apply for scholarships in Switzerland

how can i get scholarship to study in switzerland ? Masters scholarship candidates must apply online and upload the complete application file in PDF format while applying online. Application files in PDFs sent via email and incomplete application files will not be considered.

Advantages of studying in scholarships in Switzerland
. People are as diverse as geography

scholarships in Switzerland

Made up of 26 federal states in four national languages, it’s no wonder that Switzerland’s population is among the most diverse in Europe. So international students can experience Switzerland the way that suits them best. Whether it’s around the Swiss Alps or the Central Plateau, in a big city or somewhere more rural, there is something for everyone! apply scholarships in switzerland .

For a scenic road

scholarships to study in zurich switzerland , Due to its rich diversity, international students studying abroad in Switzerland will never get tired of exploring their new home. Fortunately, there is another group of people who love to set out and explore Switzerland’s natural beauty: the Swiss themselves. You can join the locals on one of the countless trains, boats or buses for a tour through one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This popular Swiss pastime is perfect for any student looking for something exciting, relaxing or even romantic.


Stretching across eight different countries, the Alps are truly a sight to behold. No study abroad in Switzerland would be complete without a trip to the Swiss Alps. Not only can you experience top-level skiing and other winter sports, you can also immerse yourself in a central element of Swiss national identity. An appreciation of folk art, albino, and singing is essential to understanding how the Swiss Alps influence culture in general.

international network

master degree scholarships in switzerland . According to Study in Switzerland, approximately 25% of students in Switzerland are made up of international students. This is great news for a student who has recently arrived in Switzerland, where meeting with other international students will be the fastest way to make friends and grow your social and professional network. It’s also the perfect way to open your mind to new customs and traditions and even learn a new language!

quality higher education

Most important for any student considering a study abroad experience is the reputation of a potential university. Look no further than the first-class higher education system in Switzerland. Swiss universities emphasize quality, by offering an innovative environment for students and researchers to express their independence while receiving a world-class, high-quality education.

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