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Scholarship in the US Applications are open for the Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health at GBHI 2023-2024. The program provides innovative training, networking, and support for emerging leaders focused on improving brain health and reducing the impact of dementia in their local communities and on a global scale. It is one of seven global programs for Atlantic Fellows to promote fairer, healthier and inclusive societies.

Join a diverse community of more than 170 Atlantic Fellows from 46 countries dedicated to protecting the world’s older adults from threats to brain health.


Brief description of scholarship in the United States

country usa
Donor GBHI
Target group scholarships
Level of study scholarship
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Details about scholarship in the United States

Benefits Applying for a scholarship in the United States


how to get a scholarship in the united states ? Scholarship in the US Fellows participate in interdisciplinary educational sessions related to brain health, dementia and health equity including: neuroscience, health economics, social determinants of health, health policy, etc.
Through observational, case-based, and experiential learning, Fellows gain insight into the lived experience of people with dementia in clinical and community settings, and participate in projects aimed at advancing brain health.

Fellows will develop skills that can help them succeed in obtaining funding for their future work, and improve public speaking and other forms of spreading ideas.
Fellows receive leadership training designed to prepare them to be a transformative impact on brain health around the world and how can i apply for full scholarship in usa ? 


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Career development and pilot funding

Best scholarship opportunities in the united states of america , Scholarship in the United States During and outside the program, fellows will receive career guidance from faculty members at GBHI and in their local community. Mentors will help fellows achieve their goals and be transformative and will help them apply for competitive trial prizes of up to $25,000 to start an ambitious project in their local community.

Lifetime Fellowship

A scholarship in the United States to become an Atlantic Equity Brain Health Fellow at GBHI does not end upon completion of the program. Indeed, our fellows have become part of a lifelong committed community that expands and amplifies the impact of the fellowship. The professional and multidisciplinary nature of the program encourages collaboration across sectors and each fellow contributes significantly to the cohort by sharing their experience and expertise.


Eligibility requirements for a scholarship in the United States

how can i get a scholarship in usa ? Scholarship in the US Applicants come from all over the world and are expected to make a tangible impact in their home community once the fellowship is completed.
Applicants from all disciplines and professional backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
Applicants must have a strong foundation of expertise and experience and be prepared to move forward with meaningful and impactful work and there is scholarship in united states of america .
Applicants must complete the highest degree and related training they wish to obtain in their particular field.
Demonstrated willingness and availability to complete 12 months of education in residence, full-time, in San Francisco (USA) or Dublin (Ireland).
Long-term commitment to the program’s values, mission and objectives and some asked how much is a scholarship in usa ?

Ability to bring creative and relevant projects to fruition.
Ideas that could change the global brain health environment in vulnerable societies.
English language proficiency.
Successful completion of a field-specific final degree and associated training as applicable.
Willingness and ability to travel internationally as required.

Applying for grants in the United States

Applications are reviewed competitively and selected applicants will be invited for an interview. Interviews are by invitation only. All applicants are notified of their interview status by email.

Presentation components include:

Online order
CV or CV
Purpose data
Applicants will be required to write thoughtful and brief responses relating to their interest in the program and future goals.
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