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Are you excited to attend an exchange program in the United States? Applications are open to apply for the UPG Leadership Program in USA 2023. The UPG Sustainable Leadership Program is a weekly leadership program at the Hurricane Island Science and Leadership Center. The program is open to all international applicants from around the world of any nationality , Professional courses in USA for international students . UPG stands for United People Global. This program will invite 60 UPG sustainability leaders from 30 countries around the world. All expenses will be covered by United People Global. All candidates will have to apply online and we have Professional courses in USA .

Fully funded course

best golf course in the united states , There is no need to be passionate in all areas. Applicants between the ages of 18 and 35 are eligible to apply. Candidates from any race, gender or educational background. No IELTS/TOEFL, no application fee, and no work experience is required for this exchange programme. Both male and female participants can apply and USA courses for international students .

Brief description of scholarship in fully funded course


country usa
Target group coarse
Level of study scholarship
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Details about scholarship in fully funded course

3 months certificate courses in USA , The UPG Leadership Program in the USA is the largest youth training program in the world. The objective and theme of the program is to achieve the UPG Sustainability Programme, the United Nations agenda in relation to sustainability. The program promotes “green” environmental sustainability and “social stability”. UPG is looking for a diverse group of people. Details about the UPG Leadership Program in USA 2023 are available below , 6 months courses in USA for international students .

Benefits of participating in a fully funded course

One week fully funded (all expenses covered)
60 participants will be selected for the fully funded exchange program
You will receive a certificate upon completion.
People of different levels of education | Best short courses in USA .
People with a strong drive to be the sustainability leaders at UPG
People willing and able to take action on sustainability and Short courses in USA for international students 2022 .


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Eligibility Criteria to Participate in a Fully Funded Course in the United States

Participants applying must be between the ages of 18 and 35.
The candidate can be of any nationality.
Applicants can be of any race, gender, or educational background.

Application evaluation for a fully funded course in the United States

Profile – Who are you? This helps us strive for diversity.
Motivation – Why do you want to become a sustainability leader at UPG?
Ability – How able are you to do what you want to do?
Impact potential – What is the potential of your early ideas?


Last date to apply for a fully funded course

The last date to apply for the UPG Leadership Program in USA 2023 is December 31, 2022

How to Apply (Application Process) to a Fully Funded Course

Please follow the application procedure below:

Applicants must complete an online application form.
A strong personal statement must be uploaded.
Answer all questions on the application form.
Make a 2 minute video in which you are asked to talk about yourself or answer any one question from the app.
The video must be in English and uploaded via the link specified before closing the application.

Advantages of studying in America:

Academic Flexibility:

Upon arriving in America, students will soon discover that the education system in the United States is very different from their home country. Where you can specialize in any field of your choice without having to take unnecessary classes. The student also has the flexibility to choose the subject at any time during the academic year, as some subjects are taught several times during the academic year.

Profitable business opportunities:

Upon completion of your undergraduate studies, you are legally authorized to work in the United States in your field for approximately one year. Most foreign students are recruited into the company during a period called OPT, through an H1-B or work visa. The H1-B work visa is usually granted by employers if international students are contracted in their various fields such as software, engineering, accounting, education or marketing. If you are granted an H1-B by your employer you will be allowed to work in the United States without returning to your home country.

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