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Now get direct jobs in Europe. I recently came across something that I thought was impossible. Someone contacted me for visa assistance who just got a direct job in Estonia from Pakistan. The most exciting part? He was a welder by profession. There are many blue collar jobs in Europe that pay high salaries. You can even send it to your home for your family. I checked all the info and it was a legitimate offer. I thought of sharing it with you so that you can also apply for job opportunities in Europe.

job in europe

how to get a job in europe ؟Looking for a job in Europe. There are currently 4,219,118 jobs waiting for you! Part-time, full-time, temporary or permanent jobs depending on the nature and type of the job. Just sign up, create a profile, and start a job in Europe directly.

10 years ago, it was almost impossible to get a direct job in the EU. Only 5 years ago software professionals started hiring directly from other countries. Now we are seeing the first example of blue-collar workers being hired directly in Europe. A great opportunity to get a second passport and then apply for the residency program offered by Europe. Isn’t it breaking news? Details about the application process are given below.

Brief description job in europe

country europe country
Donor many company
Target group International students
Level of study job
Level of study Funded

Details about job in europe

Steps to apply for a job in Europe

Go to this website mentioned below
Search any European country, or search by job title and find a job in europe .
It will list all the jobs and job in europe as us citizen .
On the left sidebar, you can select Part-time, Full-time, Language, Industry, Education, and Experience level.
Select the job language, so all jobs will be listed in English. You can also select another language if you can speak it.
Create a profile and start applying for jobs directly.

Sectors where there is a job in Europe

Accommodation and food service activities (121565)
Extraterritorial activities of organizations and bodies (496)
the activities of families as employers; Production of undifferentiated goods and services
Activities of families for private use (1186)
Administrative and Support Services Activities (850242)
Agriculture, Forestry and Hunting (16115)
Arts, Leisure and Recreation (13175)
Construction (113335)
Education (66099)
Supplying electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning (6122)
Financial and Insurance Activities (27956)
Human Health and Social Work Activities (197471)
Information and Communications (65842)
Manufacturing (198756) or factory worker jobs in europe for indian .

Mining and Quarrying (5142)
Other service activities (40707)
Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities (175114)
public administration and defense; Compulsory Social Security (36700)
Real Estate Activities (13342)
Transportation and Storage (58767)
water supplies; Sanitation, Waste Management, and Treatment Activities (17887)
Wholesale and retail trade; Car and Motorcycle Repair (195323)

A job in Europe for the blue collar

These jobs are for low-level learners, blue collar jobs.

Store Sales Assistants (127024)
Shipping Handlings (93096)
Manufacturing Workers Not Elsewhere Classified (71583)
Nursing Professionals (69164)
Cleaners and helpers in offices, hotels and other establishments (58123)
Agricultural and Industrial Mechanics and Repairmen (56987)
Heavy truck and truck drivers (53457)
Construction and Associated Electricians (50118)
Waiters (49938)
Accountants (49654)
Chefs (49258)

Professionals Affiliated to Social Work (46151)
General Secretaries (45,477)
Forming Machines and Metalworking Machine Operators (41364)
Healthcare Assistants (38279)
Associate Professionals Accounting (37638)
Auto Mechanics and Repairers (37538)
Plumbers and Pipe Fitters (32431)

Thus, we have presented with you many details about a job in Europe and the steps to apply for it, as well as the most prominent jobs available for job seekers in Europe.


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