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Outstanding students from all over the world who wish to study bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at public and recognized universities in Germany can apply for the Deutschlandstipendium, the largest public-private partnership scholarship program in Germany. Several universities and private sponsors support Deutschlandsteppendium holders through concurrent mentorship programs, networking events, and internships.


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Target group BSC / master
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Details about scholarship in germany

Financial support in a scholarship in Germany

Funding is normally awarded for a minimum of two semesters but may be made available for the maximum time covering the standard period of study. At intervals of two semesters, the University reviews whether the scholarship holder still meets the award criteria and whether special funding will continue to be available.

Each scholar will receive 300 euros per month (150 euros provided by private sponsors and 150 euros by the federal government) | fully funded scholarships in germany . Deutschland stipendium is granted regardless of personal or parental income.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria in Germany

In addition to excellent academic results, criteria for receiving the scholarship include civic engagement and special personal accomplishments, such as overcoming challenges or obstacles in his social or family background. Hence, the candidate’s social and family background is also taken into consideration , fully funded scholarships in germany. Both registered students and junior students are eligible for the scholarship.


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Instructions for applying for a scholarship in Germany

First and upper semester students of all nationalities can apply directly to their university. The universities organize the selection process, select successful candidates and reach out to potential sponsors with financial assistance from the federal government. The application deadline varies and depends on the university.

It is important to visit the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship or scholarships in germany for international students 2022 .

About Germany

Before you think about getting a scholarship in Germany, you should know some important information about it:

Germany is considered the most populous country in Europe, although it suffers from a naturally decreasing increase in its population.
Every year Germany receives more than 5 million expatriates from different countries of the world.
The number of Arabs residing in Germany is more than one million people.
Most of the Arab nationalities present there are from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine, Iraq and Syria.



Advantages of studying in Germany

If you, dear student, are planning to obtain a scholarship in Germany or masters scholarships in germany , whether you want to study one of the prestigious scientific disciplines, or are looking for a country with appropriate study costs, Germany is one of the most important choices that you can consider for several reasons:

Germany achieves the difficult equation, as it provides an opportunity to study and obtain a distinguished academic qualification, at an appropriate tuition cost.
Germany is not limited to teaching scientific programs only, but there are many other programs in a number of disciplines such as business administration.
Many study programs are available in English.

The cost of living in Germany

When thinking about a scholarship in Germany, you must take into account the costs of living in Germany. Compared to the European countries that neighboring Germany, we find that their costs are appropriate. Many students will find themselves living in a country surrounded by some countries that they can visit and enjoy holidays in, such as France and Italy. The cost of living in Germany is relatively low and education is free. Studying in Germany for international students may be cheaper than studying in their own country.

Study costs in Germany

In general, studying in Germany is free, and many other advantages are provided for international students to register in German universities, whether to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate. The only obstacle to studying in Germany may be studying the German language, as most study programs are available there, and there are some universities In Germany you collect tuition fees of up to 20 thousand euros.

We have presented with you everything that interests you about a scholarship in Germany or masters scholarships in germany or scholarships in germany for international students 2022 , the conditions for applying and the financial benefits therein. We also showed you some information about studying in Germany and the costs of living and studying there.



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