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The Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) is organizing a camp in Turkey for ICYF International Youth Volunteers to provide young volunteers with skills in responding to natural disasters and humanitarian crises in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Turkey from 19-30 October 2022 in Antalya, Turkey.

About a camp in Turkey

Many people of all ages and cultures all over the world participate in volunteer activities for various reasons such as eradicating poverty, improving basic health and education services, providing people with safe water sources and sanitary conditions, dealing with environmental problems and climate change, reducing and combating disaster risks. social exclusion.


Volunteering is an important and increasingly popular mechanism for young people to create a positive impact on their community. It is also one of the effective and practical measures to engage young people in global peace and sustainable human development , you can join now in camp in turkey for free

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Details about camp in Turkey

Camp in Turkey goals

The ICYF International Youth Volunteer Camps aim to achieve the following specific goals:

– Awareness of young volunteers about humanitarian crises and natural disasters,

– Preparing young volunteers for emergencies and disasters,

Develop the knowledge and skills of young volunteers related to disaster management using interactive techniques and educational methods

To facilitate youth engagement in world peace and sustainable human development through volunteer work,

Strengthening the capabilities of young volunteers through interactive exercises and practical workshops

Develop the skills of young volunteers in the field of psychosocial support with experts during the period of disaster recovery.


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Eligibility for camp in Turkey

The final selection will be made by the organizing committee. The applicant must meet the following criteria:

A citizen of an OIC member state, observer state, or representative of a Muslim community in a non-OIC member state

· Ability to communicate in English for camp in turkey for free .

Age between 18 – 35 years

Previous experience in humanitarian and volunteer work

· The ability to work in a team.

Volunteering background and experience (article, project, photo, video, etc.).

Involved in/or coordinating volunteer-related projects.

Leaders who have an impact on their local community

Passionate and responsible for attending the full bootcamp program.

Important Note: Only selected participants will be informed of the eligibility of their applications.

Announcing the selection of  participants camp in Turkey

The selection committee will evaluate applications based on eligibility and criteria; If the committee decides to obtain more information, an online interview can be set as the final stage of the selection. Selected participants will receive an email confirmation containing details of the camp program. Due to a tight schedule, there will be no opportunity to inform those who have not been selected. Public information on the selection results will be published via the ICYF website and social media accounts.

Financial coverage to participate in a camp in Turkey

International transport of participants

Participants will cover the costs of international transportation themselves.

The host organizers will cover only local transportation expenses (from Antalya Airport / Antalya Bus Terminal to the camp area and from the camp area to Antalya Airport / Antalya Bus Terminal) and medical insurance.

Local transportation for participants in Turkey

The maximum ICYF will cover internal transportation of participants (living in Turkey) up to 2000 degrees (TL).

The host organizers will cover local transportation expenses (from Antalya Airport / Antalya Bus Terminal to the camp area and from the camp area to Antalya Airport / Antalya Bus Terminal) and medical insurance.

Accommodation and other costs:

Host organizers will cover costs for accommodation, food, and city tours related to local hospitality.


ICYF will provide a letter of invitation to facilitate visa issuance for participants. However, each participant is expected to follow up and proceed with the visa process. Participants are also expected to cover the visa fee themselves | Best participation in camp of turkey for free .


Fully attended participants will be awarded a Certificate of Participation issued by ICYF and program partners.

Venue: Aladdin Keykubat Youth Camp, Kepez, Antalya, Turkey

Date: October 19-23 for youth

October 26-30 for young women



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