A chance to get a scholarship in Norway 2022

It is possible to obtain a free scholarship in Norway, where VID University provides a great opportunity to obtain one of the doctoral degrees in Norway, and this university was established in 1843, and it is the second specialized college in Norway and fully funded scholarship in norway 2022 , which includes 4,500 students, and it offers more than 50 programs specialized in a number of Fields of study for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and free scholarship in norway .


Brief description of scholarship in Norway

country Norway
Donor VID University
Target group International students
Level of study fellowship
Level of study Funded

The most important criteria for scholarship in Norway

Students from all over the world are eligible for this scholarship.
The student must have the ability to work purposefully and independently.
He has experience in research and development work.
The ability to work well.
They have the ability to accomplish basic tasks

Advantages of getting this scholarship in Norway

The university provides a university stipend of 50,000 NOK.
The student receives a system of accident and life insurance.
The salary is adjusted every year according to the global agreement.
The student will have a great opportunity to work with highly qualified colleagues.

Steps to apply for a scholarship in Norway

How to get scholarship in Norway ? You can apply for the scholarship through the link mentioned below:

After clicking on the official link, you will be directed to the official page of the scholarship.
The student fills out the data form.
The user clicks on the application icon after completing all the required information.
The student will receive an email stating the application for the scholarship or masters scholarship in norway .

Study in Norway (Scholarship in Norway)

Norway is a country that takes higher education to a unique international level. Most Norwegian public universities do not charge any tuition fees. This applies to all international students or scholarship in norway for international students 2022 , regardless of their country of origin.

Studying abroad in Norway will be a challenging but rewarding experience. This will lead to a valuable academic degree, which will be a great addition to your CV. To make it easier for you, we have made a quick guide that contains everything you need to know about the costs of studying and living in Norway.

life in norway

How can i get scholarship to study in Norway ? Getting a scholarship in Norway to study at a university in Norway involves living costs which consist of accommodation, books and other study materials, food and utilities. Although the cost of living per month can be higher than the average for European countries, it is still better for the Nordic country. And as a bonus, the standard of living and quality of life in Norway is very high.

On average, you can expect to pay between 800 – 1400 EUR per month to live in Norway. Expenses can be much higher in large cities. Here are some of the costs of living you can expect to pay in cities such as:

Oslo: 1200 – 2000 euros
Bergen: 1,100 – 1,800 euros
Tromsø and Trondheim: 1,000 – 1,600 euros

The average monthly cost of living in other small towns in Norway is usually between 800 and 1,000 euros.

Accommodation costs

We have alot of scholarship programs in Norway Students in Norway pay about 36% of the total cost of living on accommodation during a scholarship in Norway. The most popular options are student housing and renting/sharing an apartment. In general, you can pay between 300 – 700 euros / month. Prices vary a lot depending on what city you live in, how close you are to the city center, and whether you live alone or with other students.

Food costs in Norway and inexpensive shopping during a scholarship in Norway

You will usually spend between 250 – 400 euros per month on food. You can save some money by learning how to cook and buying from sometimes discount grocery stores or accessible supermarkets, such as Rema 1000, Rimi, Kiwi, Bunnpris, Meny, Ultra and Ica , So apply for scholarship in Norway .

If you plan to spend an evening out, you will spend 20 euros in an inexpensive restaurant and 70 euros in a mid-range restaurant for a meal for two. If you also want to drink something light, you will spend an extra 4 euros.

In conclusion, we have presented with you a lot of information about a scholarship in Norway and the conditions for joining it, in addition to many details about life in Norway.




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