About the scholarship

Concordia University is one of the largest universities in Canada, which teaches in the English language, with approximately 46,000 students enrolled, and therefore it is considered the largest university in Canada in terms of the number of students studying there.

The university offers an opportunity for international students wishing to study in Canada to obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of the university’s specializations, and we will show you all the details of this scholarship and the countries that its students are allowed to apply for.


country Canada

Concordia University

Target group Bachelor’s
Level of study scholarship
Level of study Funded

financial coverage

Students who win this scholarship receive financial support that includes

study fees.
University housing.
Adequate monthly salary.
Comprehensive health insurance.
Visa for study in Canada.
An English language course is provided to students for free, but it does not replace the existence of an English language certificate that is required to be submitted.

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Eligibility criteria:

Countries allowed to apply: Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Djibouti, Lebanon, Comoros, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, Tunisia, Yemen.

As for the conditions that must be met by the applicants, they are as follows:

The student must have a previous academic certificate that matches the specialization applied for.
It must be from one of the countries mentioned above.
The grant must be submitted on the specified date.
All required documents must be submitted.


How to apply

The application is available via the university’s website located below.

final date:

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is November 1, 2022.



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