Dolengo’s English learning website and app came up a few years ago. Since its emergence,
it has revolutionized ways of learning English. So far, the number of users of the site and app
has reached about 400 million learners and the latest qualitative shift in distance education
in an interesting and enjoyable manner. With his reputation, in English and other languages,
Dulengo began providing a special English language test certified by a large number of
universities around the world.


What is dulingo test
Founded in the United States in 2011, by a human computing specialist, the app initially
launched a website whose main objective was to teach English to non-speakers, and then
began adding some other languages until the number of languages on the site was about
The idea of the app depends on the reward system in language learning, for example if you
complete a particular challenge you will get virtual currencies as a kind of reward, which
distinguishes this app from others, it gives some kind of fun to language learning, and
children and adults can take advantage of it.

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Duolingo Test
Recently several tests emerged other than IELTS and Tofil, and began to obtain recognition
from some universities. One of the most prominent of these tests is Internationally, the
duration of this test is about an hour, which is 5 minutes looking like a simple introduction to
the test, then 45 minutes and then 10 minutes is a video interview.
This test measures the student’s listening, reading and speaking skills. Its grades range from
10 to 160 degrees. When the student receives 160 degrees, this means that he gets the
highest score. If he gets 10 degrees, this is the lowest score.

Test Requirements

The test requires the student to have some things, the most important of which are:
Having a passport or driver’s license.
A powerful Internet-connected device.
Laptop or computer with front camera, headphones and microphone.



Conditions for passing the Dulingo test

There are several conditions that must be met to ensure that this test is passed successfully,
the most important of which are:
You should have an hour of time to sit down while your computer goes nowhere.
No paper is allowed to be used to take notes.
Another person is not allowed to be spoken to during the test.
The examined person is monitored by a human element, as well as by artificial intelligence
as well.

Cost and validity of international testing

The cost of this test is $49 paid by visa or paypal. The test certificate can be obtained within
48 hours of the test performance. It can also be sent directly to universities. The validity of
this test is only two years



Advantages of Dulingo testing

With the increase in the number of universities beginning to recognize the dulingo test, we
can say that it may be a future alternative to the Elites and Tuffle test, where many students
prefer it for several reasons, including:
The duration of the dulingo test is less than the other tests, with only an hour, and for the
Iliets and Tofl the test is about three hours, and the test is allowed to be divided by two days.


The dulingo test is cheaper in cost, at only $49, while the IELTSs and TOFEL cost $200.
The test can be performed from home without going anywhere.
It is free of long and complex sentences, relying primarily on short questions and primarily on
artificial intelligence. It presents questions according to your answers and in proportion to the






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