Most students prefer online learning during their stay at home due to the current situation.
Online learning also has a lot of other benefits. You can learn new skills anytime available. In
this article we will review the top 10 websites using online education in the world. These
sites also provide a lot of free courses with certificates in collaboration with the best
universities in the world. Here is a list of the top 10 sites for free online courses:


Coursera’s vision is to provide life-changing learning encounters for anyone anywhere. It is
currently a leading web-based learning environment for advanced education, with over 49
million learners from around the world learning different skills. About 200 of the world’s best
colleges and industry educators collaborate with Coursera to offer courses, specializations,
advertisements and degree programs, you can see the most important courses in Coursera


EdeX is a non-profit and open source MOOC provider for students and professionals. Led by
MIT and Harvard University, MIT has a community of more than 20 million learners and over
2,400 online courses from top universities worldwide and leading industry organizations. edX
is the point of interest for engineers, computer scientists, data, psychologists, biologists and
business experts. Using Open edX, teachers and technicians can develop new learning tools
and contribute to the platform, you can see the courses here.


Udemy is among the top 10 sites for free online courses. Udemy is a global learning and
learning platform, providing quality education from experts who remain active in their field.
Udemy helps students and professionals develop the skills they need to succeed in their
lives. It has 295 million course registrars, 150 thousand courses, 65 + languages, 33 million
minutes of videos, and 57 thousand teachers. In addition to free courses, it also offers paid
courses for a nominal fee, you can see the courses here.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free education from kindergarten to high school courses. It contains
free educational resources, including practice exercises, and personal learning and
evaluation information boards that enable learners to learn anywhere. The main task and
main focus of the Khan Academy is mathematics, which provides effective and enjoyable
teaching of mathematics. For specialized content and technology courses, Khan Academy
collaborates with the world’s best institutions such as NASA, the Museum of Modern Arts,
the California Academy of Sciences and MIT. Almost all math courses are available at Khan
Academy, you can see the courses from here.



Linkedin Learning

For people involved in the telecommuting environment, LinkedIn offers the best professional
courses that help them enhance their professional skills. In LinkedIn learning, training
courses are associated with business, technology, creative writing, programming, etc.
Training courses at LinkedIn can be selected by both employees as well as recommended
by their employers and human resources officials based on their information in the LinkedIn
identification file. Special LinkedIn subscribers can access educational videos upon request,
and courses can be viewed here.

Stanford onLine

Stanford Online is a basic system of online learning by Stanford University faculty and
research. They have been actively involved in providing lifelong learning opportunities
throughout the world. Learning opportunities consist of graduate and undergraduate
degrees, online and personal courses, professional degrees, and Stanford’s extended
education programs. Through this platform, Stanford University proposes more than 100 free
online courses for self-learning and skills development, from which the courses can be

Harvard online courses

The Harvard Online Courses Initiative of Harvard University to offer free and open education
to students worldwide. They have been distinguished by many free courses of over 800
useful courses for a very symbolic fee. Harvard’s online courses include all online
coordinated training courses from its graduate school. i-e Harvard Business School, Harvard
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard Medical School, etc., Harvard Online
Course CS50 (Introduced in Computer Science) has a very good reputation.


Codecademy is one of the largest online programming schools that helps programmers learn
how to program. Provides free access to computer programming language teaching.
Codecademy helps about 24 million students by providing an attractive educational program
around Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, SQL, HTML/CSS, and Angular
JS/Return. In addition, Codecademy provides free training and API training modules (API
interface). Codecademy also includes an educational program and training courses on the
use of i-e YouTube, Twitter, etc.



Allison is included in the list of best Internet education and education providers. They have a
specialist in online education and are strict in offering high-quality skills training. It provides
free online certification at any subject level, anywhere and at any time. Like the other MOOC
provider, the main advantage of the Alison cycle is that the i-e sequence is divided into
different modules and evaluated at the end of the cycle. Allison’s courses can support you
well in your career by giving extra validity to your abilities and abilities, the courses can be
viewed from here.



Udacity is an online learning platform with the task of empowering an individual with the
technical and non-technical skills required in a labour organization. Provides free online
courses and certificates in all innovative and exciting areas of the world with a major focus
on career advancement. There are about 160,0000 students from over 190 countries
enrolled in online courses. The important advantage of Udacity courses is that they provide
professional mentors to provide feedback on work, from which the training courses can be



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