Studying abroad is a dream for many young people. European countries are among the

most important areas for international students. France and Germany are among the most

important countries favored by many international high level of education, in addition to the

existence of many universities that occupy advanced positions in the World University

Rankings and we will review with you through the following article the difference between

France and Germany in the study and follow us.



Study in France

France is one of the most prominent European countries that many international students

have intended for several factors, and we will review with you everything related to studying

in France and its most important advantages as well as the presentation of its most

important universities.

Advantages of studying in France

French is one of Latin’s most important languages, easy to learn, and students may only

have some difficulty pronouncing it.

With regard to the quality of education, France is ranked 20th in the world in terms of its level

of education, with many of the world’s best and oldest universities.

France is one of the richest countries in arts, culture and literature from a multiple time slot,

and the French capital Paris is also called the City of Light for Science and Literature.

The atmosphere in France is different and its weather is not like Nordic frost, although snow

falls in some parts of France.

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 living costs in France

At the end of 2018, France raised the annual expenses of non-European people to

Euro2,770 for bachelor’s students. For master’s and doctorate students, its expenses

amount to Euro 3,770 per year.

Living expenses in the capital Paris are relatively high, being one of the world’s important

tourist cities, A student needs 1,000 euros per month to find one room. rents in other French

cities are relatively lower than Paris. and some universities in France offer university

accommodation to students, but it is difficult to obtain.



France’s most important universities

Ecole Polytechnique University:

It is one of the most important universities in the capital Paris, as well as one of the most

important universities in the world in some of the most important areas of mathematics and


Sorbonne University

It is one of France’s most prestigious universities, with the strongest programmes in several

areas, most notably history, culture and linguistics.

University of Lyon

Located in the French city of Lyon, a city with a unique cultural heritage, it is one of the most

powerful universities in marine and earth science.

University of Paris

It is one of the oldest French universities teaching medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

Study in Germany

Germany is one of the European countries favored by many international students. It is

characterized by the low cost of studying, and it also offers many important study programs

that many international students prefer

Educational benefits in Germany

Germany achieves an important equation for international students, which is to attain a high

level of education at an appropriate cost. In Germany, postgraduate studies are affordable

for most international students, and bachelor’s degree studies in Germany are free of


There are many study programs offered at a number of universities in English.

Germany is one of the most advanced countries in many areas especially industry and


Costs of living and studying in Germany

When comparing the costs of studying in Germany with some of its European neighbours,

we will find that the costs are suitable for students, where the cost of studying is about 3000

euros per year for European students, while for other countries they range from 5 thousand

to 15 thousand euros, plus administrative fees that vary from one university to another.

The cost of living in the capital, Munich, is relatively high, with living costs amounting to

Euro850 per month. As with the rest of Europe, rent cuts a large portion of these costs, with

the average rent for a room in a common residence being approximately Euro280 per


Germany’s most important universities

Munich University of Technology

It ranks first at the level of universities in Germany and 64th at the level of universities in the


Eberhard Carl University of Tübingen

One of the best universities in Germany, it has a distinguished reputation in the field of

medicine and law, it has been established since 1477.






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