Sweden is known to be one of the countries with an economy that promotes science and

technology, providing many choices for universities, where there are eight universities that

occupy advanced positions in terms of the world rankings of universities, and through this

the article we will review with you Sweden’s best universities for study and follow us.



Sweden’s best universities for study

Lund University

It is one of the oldest universities in the north of the European continent It is ranked 92nd in

the World University Rankings, with over 40,000 students studying every year. In addition,

more than 20 per cent of students are international students University of Lund cooperates

with a large number of universities from more than 70 countries in a number of fields of


Royal Institute of Technology

The Institute was founded in 1827 in the Swedish capital Stockholm, and occupies the 104th

position at the world level of universities, more than a third of the research published in

Sweden and engineering education by the Royal Institute, in addition to occupying a leading

position among the best universities teaching engineering in the world.


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Uppsala University

Founded in 1477 and the oldest university in Sweden, the university is ranked No. 117 at the

world level for universities according to the World University Classification, with

approximately 44 thousand students each year.

Shalmer University of Technology

The university is ranked 128 at the world level for universities according to the world

rankings of universities. Founded in 1928 in the city of Gothenburg, the university teaches

about 10 thousand students. More than one third of the students who study a master’s

degree at the university are international students. Therefore, most master’s programmes

are taught in English.



Stockholm University

Founded in 1878 and then called Stockholm High School, in 1960 it was awarded the title of

University, occupying No. 200th place within the International Classification of Universities,

and is currently considered one of the 100 best universities in the world in arts and


University of Gottenberg

Founded in 1891, it occupies the third oldest university in Sweden, with nearly 37 thousand

students studying, and employs about 6 thousand employees, ranked No. 269 globally in

terms of the World University Rankings.


University of Linköping

One of Sweden’s most prestigious educational institutions, which offers a large number of

professional degrees in several fields, most notably medicine, engineering, education and

economics. Founded in 1975, the university has about 27 thousand students, and there are

4000 employees according to recent statistics.

Umeo University

Founded in 1965 to become one of the world’s most important universities, occupying No.

338 according to the World University Classification, the University worked to develop a plan

to combine education and joint cooperation.

Karolinska Institute

One of the world’s leading medical universities, founded in 1810 as a training centre for

military surgeons, it is ranked 51st in the world rankings of universities.

Stockholm School of Economics

Considered one of the leading universities not only in Sweden but at the European level, it

offers many bachelor’s or master’s programmes as well as business administration and

doctoral programs, occupying the 26th best economics universities in the world, and it is the

only private university in the world.

With this we have shown you the most important universities in Sweden, and you can

compare them with other universities you consider before you make a decision to study with

one of them




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