Is excessive internet and social media usage taking the bigger chunk of your
designated study hours? Will you like to block distractions and boost your study with a useful exam preparation and self quiz app?

With this educational App, you can not only upload files to create quizzes automatically from selected pages but also set a productivity timer to schedule exam preparation. Take the quizzes created by this app to test your performance and track results with weekly stats and leaderboard.
Get Studage – Study Focus Booster & Productivity Timer now!

Ace your Educational Exams :

The focus booster app works effectively to block apps that distract you, except Google Translate and emergency list contact calls, to ensure you put all your focus on studying. Minimize online distractions and cut short your internet usage easily with this focus keeper app. As one of the best study apps, the app lets you upload PDF or take picture of your notes, select pages that you want to quiz yourself on and show your results so you can work on your weak areas. Students, teachers and professors can easily enhance education with this quiz maker app.


studage application

Stay Focused and Minimize Distractions :

Use the focus booster app to block distractions, such as social media apps,
during study hours. Stay focused and block distractions for a period of time set on the exam preparation app. The app will extract questions from your notes and quiz your learning. Answer as many questions correctly as you can and check your weekly performance stats to boost your position in the leaderboard.

Schedule Study and Self-Quiz Hours :

Study now or get reminder to study on your scheduled study timer app. All you have to do is follow these steps:

• Upload the file in PDF or capture images from in-app camera of study material
• Select the pages that you plan to study/read
• Schedule productivity timer to determine the time to study/read that file
• Start the focus timer stated to block distractions and stay focused
• All the applications in your phone will be blocked except google translate
and emergency contacts.

Studage for Professors and Teachers:

The professors and teachers will be able to to prepare exams or quizzes for
their students , they can upload the files or capture images from physical
books and the system of our app will generate automatic questions related to the files they uploaded and they can download all the generated questions as pdf file to use it , The questions will be available for the professors will be MCQ, true & false and etc.

Features of Studage – Study Focus Booster & Productivity Timer :

• Simple and easy to use study apps UI/UX
• Upload study pages in PDF file or capture images from in-app camera
• App automatically creates MCQs or TRUE/FALSE questions from your notes
• Block distractions including social media apps and access only
emergency contacts or Google Translate during study hours
• Study now or create Study schedule – get study reminder 5 hours prior to
• Focus keeper supporting 4 learning languages – French, English, Arabic,
• Checkout leaderboard to see your progress and view weekly stats of



Are you ready to succeed in education with this internet blocker app.
Download and use Studage – Study Focus Booster & Productivity Timer today!

You can watch video to know alot about the application

You can download the application if you are an Android user by clicking here, and iPhone users can download the application by clicking here and downloading it from the store.