Spain is one of the public destinations for students wishing to study abroad. Spain has a
large number of the most prestigious universities in Spain, and it is ranked as one of the best
in the world.

Spain’s best universities to study

Spain offers numerous courses in English in a number of disciplines and disciplines, which
Spain has focused on to attract international students. The Spanish government has also
provided numerous scholarships and financial assistance to students to attract large
numbers of international students.


University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is one of the most important universities in Spain. It was
founded in 1450. It also holds an advanced world ranking, making it an important choice for
students wishing to study in Spain. It has many departments, including medicine, law,
psychology and other important disciplines.

Autonomous University of Barcelona

The Autonomous University of Barcelona, located in the municipality of Del Valles, near the
city of Barcelona, established in 1968, has many important disciplines, the most important of
which are law, medicine, education, and communications. The main language of study is

Pompeo Fabra University

One of the most prestigious Spanish universities established in 1990, nominated in 2010 for
the Award of International Excellence, the University focuses on three important disciplines:
health, life, communication technology and social sciences, taught in three languages:
Spanish, English and Catalan, with number 188 worldwide and third place in Spain.

Autonomous University of Madrid

One of the most prestigious universities in Spain and Europe, founded in 1968, is one of the
main destinations for students wishing to study in Spain. This university has the advantage
that health and medical sciences are taught in a distinctive way. It is located near the
University of La Paz, which makes it possible for students to study in practical terms. The

main language of the study is Spanish, and there are some branches that are taught in

University of Valencia

Founded in 1499, the university has more than 70 technology and communications
companies, the main language of which is Spanish. Some disciplines are taught in English.


Study costs in Spain

The cost of a bachelor’s degree may range from €150 to €6,600 per year, while for a
master’s degree annual costs may be €3,500 for fees for private universities in Spain.
Annual costs may be €200.00 per year.


Cost of living in Spain

The cost of life in Spain varies depending on the city in which life is to be lived, as well as the
type of accommodation, but generally the rate of accommodation varies from €250,000 per
month approximately, taking into account that life in Madrid and Barcelona is relatively high,
the rent of the room varies from €350 to €650 per month, and for food between €200 and
€400 per month, so the student’s monthly expenses during the course of the study are
between €700.





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