About the scholarship

The Netherlands is a famous attraction for international students. Applied for Dutch
scholarships for international students. The Netherlands offers a wide range of programmes
taught in English, the student gets good value for money, a large international community,
plus the Netherlands is a safe country, scholarships and admissions without IELTS at Dutch
universities. A. Excellent career opportunities
Scholarships in the Netherlands are open and not waiting. Just apply now. You’ll get a great
education from the universities of the Netherlands as well as a wonderful environment. The
Netherlands is a European country. you can as well study in the Netherlands without testing
Grants in the Netherlands cover a wide range of areas, with universities in the Netherlands
ranked among the top 100 recently. Many students from Pakistan, as well as students from
other countries, receive benefits in the Netherlands

Why study in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands ranks seventh in the world’s top 10 countries in terms of higher education,
third in the world in teaching quality and fourth in terms of professional goals.
More than 2100 international study programs are taught entirely in English.
One in 10 undergraduates is an international student.
First in Europe and the world in the English proficiency index.
Internationally recognized certificates

The best universities to study in the Netherlands without IELTS:

University of Amsterdam.
Wageningen University and Research.
Groningen University.
University of Leiden.

Best scholarships for study in the Netherlands

Leiden University Scholarship of Excellence

The Leiden University Exchange Scholarship Program (LexS) is open to outstanding
students from outside the EEA/non-EFTA enrolled in a full-time master’s degree program at
the University of Leiden

University of Erasmus Dutch Scholarship

The Dutch University of Erasmus Scholarship is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education,
for those who wish to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the Netherlands.

University of Maastricht Grants


The Dutch University of Maastricht High Potential Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship.
All international students from any country can apply for this grant. The University of
Maastricht offers 24 full scholarships to study in the Netherlands.
Financial coverage
: Living expenses, health insurance, visa fees and tuition fees

TU Delft Scholarship for Excellence in the Netherlands

The fully funded TU Delft Explorance Scholarship Grant 2021 Netherlands. TU Delft ranked
15th in the QS World University Rankings. Delft Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for
the master’s degree program at Delft University of Technology.

Radboud University Scholarship

Radboud University’s fully funded scholarship in the Netherlands 2021 for international
students. The Radboud Scholarship is for international students outside Europe only.

Dutch Government Grant

Government of the Netherlands grant by the Ministry of Education of the Netherlands. The
Netherlands Scholarship is open to international students from outside the European
Economic Area (EEA) who wish to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the Netherlands.
This grant is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education

Grant of the Government of the Netherlands

The Netherlands Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students to study
a full-time master’s degree program or short courses funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign
Affairs. The Dutch ministry began the Orange Knowledge (OKP) scholarship, a fully funded
scholarship to study in the Netherlands.

University of Twente Grants

University of Twente Grants (UTS) Grant 50 for outstanding students from both the
European Union/European Economic Area and countries outside the European
Union/European Economic Area, and apply for the Graduate Programme (MA) at Twente



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