Due to the high costs of studying in some European countries for a large number of

international students, some of them therefore go to Central European countries, especially

Poland, and we will present with you the cost of studying and living in Poland and its most

important universities and follow us.


Language of study in Poland

English is the official language of study in Poland. Therefore, study programs are offered in

English. Therefore, students wishing to study in these programs must be proficient in

English, and have one of the international examinations, whether ILITS or TUIFEL,

depending on the conditions that each university develops.

Although universities offer most programs in English, there are some programs taught in

Polish, which are mostly in government universities, where most universities offer training

courses to new students in Polish, so that it is easy for incoming students to communicate

with the community in Poland.


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The most important universities in Poland

Poland is one of the States of the European Union and therefore subject to European

Union-specific laws and standards with regard to education and universities, a large number

of universities located in Poland are in advanced ranking globally. According to the World

University Assessment, Poland has 457 universities, between private and governmental

universities, among the most important in Poland:

University of Warsaw

Established in 1816, it can be considered one of the largest educational institutions in

Poland, with some 40 thousand students studying, six of the university’s graduates received

the Nobel Prize, the university offers 27 English-language teaching programmes, in a

number of areas, most notably physics, economics and chemistry.

University of Jagiellonian

The oldest university in Poland, founded in 1364, has 16 faculties in a large number of fields,

most important of which are medicine, law, and natural and social sciences.


Warsaw University of Technology

Established in 1915, it is the first university in Poland to teach technical disciplines, the

university teaches many disciplines, most notably civil and architectural engineering, and

biotechnology engineering.

Benefits of education in Poland

Poland is located in the central continent of Europe, giving students easy access to it from all


Universities in Poland are characterized by a large number of the best teachers with

appropriate scientific degrees from developed countries such as the United Kingdom, France

and Germany, which contributes to the improvement of the level of education in Poland.

Universities in Poland teach many engineering programs that keep pace with the rapid

developments in the world.


School and living costs in Poland

Poland is a relatively cheap European country in terms of university costs, with study costs

ranging from Euro2,000 to Euro4,000 per year, and it is a positive matter for study in Poland.

For housing and living costs in Poland, it is considered an economic place for students,

depending on the city where the student will live, where the average monthly expenditure of

the student is about 400 euros per month.

Conditions of study in Poland

For students from within the European Union, it is easy for them to obtain a visa to study in

Poland. For students from other countries, they must obtain a study visa from the embassy

of Poland from the country in which the student resides. It is worth mentioning that each

university has certain conditions for studying, as the conditions for admission to the

university in which it will be studied




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