Many young people seek to travel and work in Kuwait. Kuwait has many jobs, whether for

persons with higher qualifications or otherwise. Kuwait is a small country in terms of its size

and population, and therefore its standard of living is relatively high, making it a State that

seeks to travel with a large number of young people.


Occupations required for employment in Kuwait

There are many occupations required to work in Kuwait, the most important of which are:

Teachers needed for many international and private schools, especially for math and English


All specialties for doctors, especially surgery.

Financial sales area, wholesalers and retailers needed as well as export workers.

Engineers with different specialties.

Maintenance workers are particularly wanted in the petroleum sector.


Accountants who work for export companies as account managers.

Taxi drivers are a highly needed occupation in Kuwait to lower the price of gasoline.

Hotel and restaurant workers such as cookers.

Arabic language teachers and Qur ‘an reservations.

Secretarial in particular people who speak English, from the jobs required in global



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Average salaries of certain jobs in Kuwait

For the salaries of oil workers, their salaries start from 1200 dinars per month.

Doctors start their salaries from 1,800 dinars.

Architects start their salaries from 950 dinars.

Press workers start their salaries from 520 dinars.

Bank accountants start their salaries from 1350 dinars.

For lawyers, their salaries start from 1050 dinars.

Civil Engineer’s salaries start from 1200 dinars.

For maintenance workers, their salaries start from 500 dinars.

The account manager starts their salaries from 880 dinars.


Job Search Sites in Kuwait

Due to Kuwait’s rapid development, it is always in need of experienced employment from

some neighboring countries. So you can look for jobs in Kuwait that can use search engines.

There are some platforms that offer some jobs in Kuwait. The most important of these

platforms are:

Beit Com Website

It is one of the most widely used sites in the Middle East region. It offers a lot of jobs in many

countries, where a CV can be made on the site, so that it is available to many companies

and institutions that search for employees. A person can apply in some of the jobs on the


Indy Kuwait Website

It is one of the most visited sites in Kuwait in addition to being an international site, and it is

possible to search for a lot of jobs by visiting the site .

Gulf Talent Website

A Middle East employment site with many jobs both locally and internationally.

Important Tips for Researchers Gen Jobs in Kuwait

We provide you with some tips for people looking for jobs in Kuwait.

The job you are applying for should be commensurate with your experience and study, and

stay away from jobs that need skills you don’t have because that’s a waste of time.

Some occupations require that a person’s certificate be certified by the relevant authorities in

Kuwait, so you must ascertain the conditions of the job to be applied for.

There are many job opportunities for doctors, teachers and engineers in Kuwait.

Some companies in Kuwait allow employees to work remotely, which saves you a lot of

procedures and expenses.

It must be ascertained whether your contract is governmental or private. In the event that the

contract is governmental, the worker cannot change his job if he finds a better job. In the

case of the civil contract, the contract can be changed at any time.

Travel should not take place if the salary is less than 130 dinars.

Salary must be commensurate with the number of hours worked






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