About the scholarship

Here we have a list of the internships in 2022 for international students. Presented by the
world’s best known international companies and organizations. These graduate training
programs are open to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students. It doesn’t matter what age
you are. No prior experience is required. All expenses will be met. There are no
IELTS/TOEFL requirements. We have incorporated fully funded international training
Summer is close and this is the time to apply for the international summer internship. Most
companies and institutions accept applications. You don’t need to pay any application fees
for specific internships. Take these opportunities and try your luck. Participants from any
State of any nationality may submit.
There is no need to be concerned because these training programs do not require any
proficient testing in English. You can present any academic background in any field.
Internships are available in multiple areas. We would also like to know the list of the next
internships around the world. Full detailed information on the list of best internships for
students in 2022

Details about the best courses for students

Financial coverage: All expenses including tickets, meals, accommodation, monthly salaries
and health insurance will be covered.
What are the best internships for students?
Here is a list of the top 16 internships for students

British internship Opportunities

Find full-time or part-time jobs in England, Scotland and Wales. Use the “Find a Job” service
to search for and apply to jobs. This service replaced Universal Jobmatch.

Practical Internship in Canada: Volunteer in Canada

Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, PhD. Students as well as diploma students. These
opportunities are provided and funded by the Government of Canada (the Government of

Tesla Collaborative Internship Programme 2022

Tesla International Internship is a fully paid Internship program. Tesla, the most successful
business model in growth. You already know that Tesla’s owner and founder is Elon Musk. If
you are a university student or master’s student or pursue any advanced education you are
eligible for this internship.

Ford Summer Internship Program 2022

The Ford Summer Internship provides students with job-specific work experience through 10
to 12 weeks of full-time work during the summer break. You’re qualified if you’re a college
student or a master’s student.

BMW 2022 Internship Group

You always wanted to travel abroad. Think outside the box, learn about other cultures and
gain new experiences. So, BMW Internship is an ideal place for any international student.

Audi internship programme

Audi offers a number of internship periods. Internship is from eight weeks to six months at
most. It is available for students enrolled in university and college.

MICROSOFT Internship Program

Microsoft Internship is open to current students in bachelor’s, master’s, MBA and PhD
programs. As an intern, you’ll get competitive pay and transfer benefits and many other
wonderful privileges.



Amazon Internship Program

Whether you graduate with an undergraduate degree or an MBA or a PhD, Amazon teams
have jobs that are available globally. While we have Internship courses throughout the year,
the majority of our technical Internship takes place in the summer and lasts between 12 and
16 weeks.

UNICEF Internship programme

Applied for the fully funded UNICEF internship programme 2021. Internship opportunities at
UNICEF for university students, masters and doctorates.

UNDP Internship programme 2022

UNDP is a funded United Nations internship. Applicants with bachelor’s degree or
postgraduate studies in any academic field are qualified. There are no registration fees and
no IELTS/TOEFL requirements.
The Internship will be held at UNDP headquarters in New York. The Internship duration of
UNDP 2022 is 3-6 months.

UNHCR 2022 internship programme

UnCHR Paid Internship is one of the best international Internship programs for international
students worldwide. This Internship is part of the United Nations mission. There are no
registration fees and no IELTS/TOEFL requirements. The duration of Internship in UNHCR
is 6 months. Detainees will be placed at Geneva headquarters.

United Nations internship programme 2022

 United Nations internship programme is available in over 193 States. No prior work
experience is required. All new or experienced international applicants can apply for
internships at the United Nations.
All expenses will be met for the duration of the internship. This is one of the best
opportunities at the United Nations.

WFP internship programme 2022

The WFP internship programme has finally arrived. The World Food Programme (WFP) is
the largest humanitarian organization in the world under the auspices of the United Nations.
Internship courses are offered to undergraduates and graduates from around the world.
This will be an excellent opportunity for students who want to gain practical experience and
work on a diverse team. All expenditures will be covered in the World Food Training
Programme 2022.

United Nations Volunteers Programme

The United Nations Volunteers programme is open to all applicants from around the world
for the United Nations Global Paid Volunteer Programme.

IMF Internship Programme 2022

Introduction to IMF internship programme 2022. Internship is available at IMF headquarters,
Washington, D.C. All selected students will travel to Washington, D.C. IMF is a fully funded
Internship programme.
Approximately 50 students from around the world will choose to join us every year at the IMF
headquarters in Washington, D.C. You will work closely with an experienced IMF fellow.

The last date to apply for the grant is May 10, 2022.


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