About the scholarship

The scholarship is open to many nationalities and the deadline is April 29, 2022.
Australia Awards Scholarships are long-term awards administered by the Department of
Foreign Affairs and Trade. It aims to contribute meeting the development needs of Australia’s
partner countries in line with bilateral and regional agreements.
They provide opportunities for people from developing countries, particularly those in the
Indo-Pacific region, to undertake full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study at
participating Australian universities and TAFE institutions.
The study and research opportunities offered by Australia Awards Scholarships develop the
skills and knowledge of individuals to drive change and contribute to development in their

country Australia
Donor Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Target group International students
Level of study B.A./M.A./PhD
Level of study Funded


Australian Awards scholarships are awarded for the minimum period required for an
individual to complete the academic program defined by the Australian Higher Education
Foundation, including any preparatory training. The following advantages are generally
Full tuition
Flying back and forth – paid for a ticket to and from Australia via the shortest direct route
Establishment allowance – only one payment as a contribution to subsistence expenses,
textbooks and study materials

Contribution to living expenses (CLE).
Preliminary Academic Programme (IAAP) – Compulsory pre-formal academic studies
covering information on living and studying in Australia
Health coverage for foreign students (OSHC) for the duration of the award (only for the
holder) – provided to cover the basic medical costs of the researcher (excluding pre-existing
Pre-English course fees (PCE) – If necessary, PCE may be available for students to train
in-country and/or in Australia
Complementary academic support may be available to ensure the academic success of a
researcher or to enhance your academic experience
Fieldwork (for research awards and masters through courses with a research component
where fieldwork is compulsory) may be available to qualified research students for a
round-trip ticket and economy-class return via the most direct route to a country of
citizenship or within Australia.

Eligibility requirements

To qualify for an Australian scholarship, applicants must:
At least 18 years of age on 1 February of the commencement of the scholarship;
Be a citizen of a participating State (as listed on the Australia Awards site) and be a resident
and apply for the grant from the country of your nationality;
Do not be an Australian citizen or have permanent residence in Australia or apply for a visa
to live in Australia permanently;
Not to be married, engaged, or de facto to a person who holds, or qualifies for Australian or
New Zealand citizenship or permanent residence, at any time during the submission,
selection or mobilization stages (note: People of Cook Islands, Niue, and Tokelau who hold
New Zealand citizenship are eligible but must apply for a student visa [subcategory 500]);
You must not be current military personnel;
You must not have received the Australia Long Term Award unless you have resided outside
Australia for twice the total period spent in Australia (for example, a former Australian
scholarship recipient in Australia for four years would not be eligible to apply for the other
Australia scholarship until you have resided outside Australia for eight years);
Any specific criteria established by the program area or the Government of the applicant’s
country of nationality has been satisfied (for example, for a certain number of years in an
appropriate sector);
To be able to satisfy the admission requirements of the institution where the award will be
presented (this may mean that areas of the program will need to withdraw the award offer if
the recipient cannot meet the institution’s admission requirements. This may not even be
known as program areas requesting placement in selected institutions);
Be able to meet all requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a student visa. This
may mean that the program area will need to withdraw the award offer if the receiver
cannot meet the visa requirements;
Not applying for a scholarship for a lower academic level that you have already achieved (for
example, applying for a master’s scholarship when you already have a doctoral degree);

Applicants must inform the program area of any contact or relationship with staff working
in program areas (including locally recruited staff in the post) or with a contractor
management so that the application can be managed properly and transparently.

How to Submit

You can apply through the following link here.


The deadline for applying for the grant is April 29, 2022.



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