about the grant

applications are open to apply for the USIDHR youth summit in istanbul 2022. this is the fully funded international youth summit in istanbul. a full-fund exchange program for all expenses for young men and women to spend a week in turkey. this youth summit is designed for those who are ready for more. young international students from different countries will be brought to work collectively and support each other during these difficult times where assistance is urgently needed.

summit dates are april 1 to april 4, 2022. any student aged 18-30 from any academic background is entitled to apply. there are no academic requirements. young university students, graduates or anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 can apply. you will have a cultural exchange with other young people from all over the world, get to know the invitation, and meet with diplomats around the world.

the youth summit USIDHR is a kind of conference different from others. you’ll learn how to communicate effectively with ideas and build relationships with others. best of all, you will receive a certificate as a human rights leader by USIDHR institute of diplomacy and human rights! are you ready now? young leaders from all over the world ready? the following are the full details of the youth summit USIDHR in istanbul 2022.

a brief description



istanbul, turkey


USIDHR  youth summit

target group

all countries are available to apply

level of study



fully funded



  • expenses of travelling back and forth from his/her.

  • stay at hotel 4*

  • meals

  • conference tickets

  • access to all network sessions

  • tea and coffee breaks at the conference

  • lunch for every 3 days of the live conference


  • human rights leader’s certificate (*when fully attending the human rights training course)

  • award ticket

  • rewards: moving to and from istanbul’s new airport


eligibility criteria:

  • young leaders from all over the world can apply to attend this u.s. international conference.

  • applicants must be between 18 and 35 years of age.

  • students, professionals and graduates from any field can apply.

  • applicants must be enthusiastic and interested in achieving the objectives of the united nations special development goals.

how to apply:

  • online apps

  • the application process is very simple.

  • go to the official website and click on the registry.


the deadline for applying for the u.s. youth summit in istanbul is february 15, 2022. all applications are online.


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