about the grant

the university of science bo created emile buti scholarships in order to attract the very best international students from outside the eu who are first-time applicants who have been accepted into the university’s bachelor’s or master’s program.

a brief description



paris, france


university of science bo

target group

all countries are available to apply

level of study

bacheloes, master


fully funded



the university level of emile butte university program can take various forms ranging from 3,000 euros to 12,300 euros for three years of university studies. on an exceptional basis, a scholarship of 19,000 euros could be granted to cover the three years of the college.

a master’s degree, emile butte’s master’s degree can take different forms – either a grant of €10,000 a year to cover two-year master’s tuition or a €5,000-a-year scholarship for two years of master’s degree.

eligibility criteria:

eligible students are those, first-time applicants, from a non-eu state, whose families do not offer taxes within the eu, and who have been admitted to a bachelor’s or master’s program.

this grant is granted on the basis of excellence factors and according to the type of profile required for this program. social norms are also taken into account.

how to apply:

Students should indicate that they are applying for the Emile Butte Scholarship in the “Financial Information” section of their Sciences Po app. Students may be required to provide income evidence and documents explaining their family status. For the 2021-2022 academic year, the deadline for master’s programs is November 30, 2021, while the deadline for university programs (from foreign high schools) is mid-February 2022.

it is important to visit the official website (link below) to access the application form and get detailed information on how to apply for this grant.


february 15, 2022


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