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applications for the 2022 swiss entrepreneurs award for re-resilience are now open. the swiss rey foundation’s entrepreneurs for resilience award recognizes entrepreneurship initiatives that take innovative approaches to building resilient communities in line with the united nations sustainable development goals. in order for the foundation to be eligible for the award, it must take a business-minded approach that increases the resources available to households to pay for health care or reduces the risk of permanent economic vulnerability or poverty after a disease or accident.




swiss re

Target group

All countries


  • a total grant of $700,000 for the three finalists. this amount is divided between the winner (who may receive up to $350,000) and the runners-up and is paid in installments over two to three years.

  • non-financial support such as training and technical advice from swiss re staff and experts, tailored to the needs of each finalist

  • people’s choice award. members of the public are invited to vote for their favorite finalists. the winner receives the highest number of votes for a special award.

eligibility criteria

  • applicants must have a strong social goal and use business mechanisms to achieve sustainability and size.

  • at least 30 per cent of the people served by applicants must come from poor communities to very poor communities. applicants must have a deep understanding of the specific circumstances of the people they serve.

  • in addition, applicants must work in countries known by the world bank as low-income and/or low-income.

  • applicants must demonstrate high levels of innovation in their products, service and/or delivery and use digital technology to deliver value to people who do not provide services on a large scale.

  • applicants should explain in their application how the solution will positively affect the targeted beneficiaries. the broader ecosystem in which it operates clearly illustrates the results to be achieved in the next two years. stronger competitors will be able to demonstrate high levels of social impact and measure it perfectly in a reliable way.

  • applicants must comply with the legal framework of the country or countries in which they work. it is registered and must be allowed to receive a funding grant from a swiss ngo such as the swiss re-establishment.

required documents:

applicants are required to complete the questionnaire online by january 13, 2022, at 23:59 cet. applications in english will only be considered before the deadline.

finally, it is important to visit the official link to the site below to access the application form.



january 31, 2022.


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