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there are several ways many people around the world migrate to america, but they are mostly unreliable, such as resorting to some sites and agencies that claim to be able to help people migrate, but unfortunately they end up lying to young people and stealing their money. in this article we do not claim that we will help you migrate or provide you with a visa for america, but will show you different ways of migrating and you can choose from them.

1/family gathering

it is the most famous way for american residents to apply to join them provided that their relatives are relatives (husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, brother or sister).

2/migration to america by study

arab students can receive free scholarships in america through a number of scholarships offered annually by american universities and the conditions and method of participation vary from university to university, but generally require academic excellence and english proficiency in writing and reading.

5/participation in random immigration
green card withdrawal

america provides random immigration withdrawals every two years and announces it on the state department’s official website, selecting 50,000 immigrants from all over the world, especially from countries with a low immigration rate to america and providing them with permanent residence in america without housing and employment, i.e. immigrants must look for themselves if they agree to receive this card.

send a permanent residence application

a permanent residence application funded by a citizen residing in america can be sent if the application is accepted (which is non-temporary) and immigration and nationality interests will begin to study your application in the event of rejection, which will be reached on all the reasons that led to the rejection of this interest for your application.

tips and directions

– all documents must be reviewed, examined and sent in due course because any error, however small, will result in the cancellation of the request.
– if you are asked to make an amount, do not be late and make sure to send it to the right destination.
– if you are confused, it is okay to consult a lawyer with experience in immigration matters.

– in the case of admission, the necessary tests must be performed within or shortly before the qatoniya period.
– if you call to meet a decent dress, train it by and develop your english.


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