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jobs in britain will be offset for three months by a severe shortage of drivers and workers in key sectors of the british economy, such as the poultry industry.

the uk will issue up to 10,500 temporary work visas to deal with labour shortages. this is a decision taken by the government, representing an unexpected change in immigration policy after the uk’s exit from the european union.
more recently, the shortage of truck drivers has led to long queues in front of gas stations, and after some gas stations were closed due to inadequate supply, citizens ignored the government’s call not to rush to buy gasoline.

to date, the government has not responded to calls for the deployment of soldiers to help distribute fuel.

jobs in britain, the decision to issue work visas is a reflection of prime minister boris johnson’s position, his government has tightened immigration laws in the post-brexit era and has repeatedly stressed that the uk must stop relying on foreign workers.

after bp announced the temporary closure of some gas stations due to a shortage of truck drivers, the country is facing a fuel supply crisis. cars were parked in front of gas stations, particularly in london and the south-east of the country. 

jobs in britain:

over the past few months, despite warnings from many economic agencies that there is an estimated shortage of 100,000 truck drivers, the government has tried to avoid this position.

after the epidemic and the impact of brexit have exacerbated the driver shortage crisis and other crises, including rising energy prices, johnson is under increasing pressure to take action.

in addition to threatening fuel supplies, the shortage of truck drivers has hampered the delivery of food and other goods.

the ministry of education and its partner agencies will release millions of pounds to speed up the process by establishing a training centre to train 4,000 truck drivers.

with long queues of cars waiting in front of the gas station – particularly in south-east england – the government is “considering temporary measures to avoid any immediate problems.”

a downing street spokesman said any measures would be “subject to a strict timetable,” stressing that “fuel stocks are sufficient” and that “there is no shortage of quantities.”

however, the drivers seemed uncomfortable, when there was a long queue in front of the station.

mike davy, 56, waited more than an hour and a half to fill his gas tank at a gas station run by supermarket chain tesco in kent, south-east london.

“i just want to get some fuel to go to work. people fill the canisters, which is ridiculous. maybe they need to call the army driver.”

calls for the deployment of soldiers to help deliver gasoline have also stepped up, while others have suggested using it to speed up the review of heavy truck driver’s license applications.

jobs in britain are under unprecedented pressure:

jobs in britain, and the uk labour market is facing an unprecedented state of pressure, with a survey by the british chamber of commerce showing that 70% of british businesses have had difficulty finding workers in the past three months, particularly in the public works sector, truck drivers and hotel and restaurant workers, according to a report by al jazeera net published in september.

jobs in britain, the british labour market is facing unprecedented pressure, with a survey conducted by the british chamber of commerce showing that 70% of british businesses have found it difficult to find workers over the past three months, particularly in public works. departments, truck drivers, hotel workers and restaurants. according to a report published last september by an al jazeera correspondent.

this happened when more than 1.3 million workers left the uk within a year as a result of the corona epidemic and brexit, creating a huge market vacuum.

according to the national bureau of statistics, the number of jobs available on the market in july was about 1 million, a record not recorded in many years.

industries in real crisis include the commercial transport industry, where the labor market requires more than 100,000 truck drivers.

it is estimated that this figure will take more than 18 months to reach, causing the wages of large commercial truck drivers to rise significantly, sometimes up to $10,000 per month.


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