Opportunity description

world peace summit dubai 2022 is a useful productive journey that will cultivate mutual understanding and harness youth capacity-building.
the dubai world peace summit also plans to connect with young people, strengthen their voice for social justice, and create a friendly climate between networks and orders.

social. Dubai GPS’s main objective is to mobilize young people from all over the world to achieve 17 United Nations sustainable development goals by 2030. Dubai GPS will also participate in
community activities and peaceful dialogues, as well as promote interfaith harmony, compassion and tolerance for counter-violence and extremism. In this case, delegates will be able to understand the call for human rights,

develop international peace initiatives, awareness of social peace for tolerance and inclusiveness through a global network.
another biggest chance flashes! the global peace chain will disburse 5,000 dulars to selected participants as seed funding that will help initiate social impacts and assist communities. the 2021 world peace summit will last four days and will be held in dubai from 07 to 10 february 2022.

candidates from any part of the world apply for this stunning gathering, funded entirely by the general people’s congress in dubai.



Offered by

world peace series

the eligible countries

All Nationalities

Degree level

Conference, training

Scholarship coverage

Fully Funded


  • 15 full boxes, 25 partial funds and 110 self-funded openings

  • chance to earn the funding impact of $5,000

  • airline tickets and accommodation

  • visa assistance

  • an opportunity to interact with global leaders

  • in addition, meet similarly minded young social entrepreneurs

  • peace education and leadership capacity-building courses

  • diplomatic committee talks

  • keynote speeches

  • focused group discussions

  • group activities

  • awards and certificates

  • signatories’ campaign

  • cultural presentation

  • night gala

required eligibility:

the qualification required
for the world peace
summit is open, very enthusiastic,
and passionate, and
student leaders, young professionals and community leaders are encouraged to apply dedicated to achieving the un sustainable development goals, which is open to all from everywhere.



december 31, 2021


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