Opportunity description

he applied for the 2022 breakthrough institute generation fellowship in oakland, united states. the breakthrough generation is an initiative in the breakthrough institute research program.
the program was established in 2008 with the aim of promoting the development of
a new generation of thinkers and writers capable of creating new solutions to the world’s greatest challenges today in the fields of economy, environment and energy.
each year, the program offers many summer fellowships, usually from june to august, for eligible students. these ten-week fellowships
are highly competitive and are reserved for new university and graduate graduates from any university around the world.
usually, during the summer fellowship, the program devotes the first two weeks of summer to penetration camp, an intensive intellectual course involving various activities including readingIntensive writing and expert lecture series designed to provide a basis for broad-spectrum thinking that guides breakthrough’s policy agenda.during the training camp, participants explore many topics including modernization theory,
social psychology, ambitious politics and philosophy, economics and innovation policy, and technology policy. for the remaining eight weeks, colleagues work in small teams divided into three programmatic areas: energy, cities, food and agriculture.


united states of america, city of auckland

Offered by

penetration institute

the eligible countries

All Nationalities

Degree level

scholarships and fellowships

Scholarship coverage

Fully Funded


colleagues are eligible for the following benefits during the summer fellowship

the program will offer you a $600-a-week fellows grant, throughout the entire
program and additional salaries are available to help travel and housing upon admission on a need-based basis.

eligibility required to obtain the fellowship of the generation breakthrough institute

in order to apply, you must meet the eligibility criteria for the following application.
the fellowship is open to students
from any university from all over the world must be in the final year of university, college graduate, or graduate in order to apply for a fellowship. fellowships are open to
applicants from any country.
to be available for 10 weeks of summer fellowship

request details

you should send the
following support documents: the cover message indicates that you choose your preferred research area from the third fellowship research areas: energy, cities, food, and agriculture.
your latest cv/cv reaches a maximum of two pages.
three writing samples,
including a 500-1,000-word polemic article or editorial (not to be published) on a topic of your choice, must be provided indicating the ability to make a focused argument in a clear,
convincing and accessible manner.
submit a research paper, preferably between 15-20 pages.
an additional writing
sample of your choice must provide at least three professional references with contact information.
letters of recommendation are welcome but not required.

finally, it is important to visit the official link to the site below to access the application form.


january 28, 2022


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