Opportunity description

applications are open for the audi environmental foundation grant 2022 to attend the world youth summit. the audi environmental foundation actively supports research into new technologies and scientific methods for a livable future. its stated objective is to contribute to environmental protection and to find and promote sustainable behaviour. the foundation focuses in particular on promoting and developing environmentally compatible technologies, environmental education measures and protecting the natural necessities of life for humans, animals and plants. founded in 2009 by audi ag as a 100 percent subsidiary and part of the company’s social and environmental commitment. as the change in social values progresses, sustainability for more and more people has become part of their outlook on life. the challenges facing us are becoming increasingly complex. only by working with partners can we develop good concepts and sound solutions to successfully meet these challenges.


japan, tokyo

Offered by

audi environment foundation

the eligible countries

All Nationalities

Degree level


Scholarship coverage

Fully Funded

audi environmental foundation grant

scientists will get

  • reaching the 2022 world youth summit in tokyo

  • hotel accommodation on a joint basis (inclusive)

  • audi ag and audi environmental foundation participate on may 15

  • cost of travel to and from tokyo (flights in economy)

  • restaurants include breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • transport between the venue of the summit and the venue of the summit.

eligibility required for audi environmental foundation grant

  • first, the applicant must be between 18 and 30 years of age;

  • secondly, citizens of all countries are entitled to apply for this grant;

  • thirdly, a clear commitment to positive change;

  • in addition, it has shown leadership capacity;

  • moreover, they understand key domestic and/or global issues;

  • a proven track record of generating influential and innovative solutions;

  • finally, it has shown an impact and innovation in addressing environmental challenges.


the deadline for applications is january 25, 2022. late applications will not be considered.


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