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Apply for scholarships

Professional application service for any opportunity or scholarship available on our YouTube channel or outside, by experts and specialists in scholarships

Guarantee of admission in China

We help provide scholarships that are 100% guaranteed admission in China as we partner with an accredited office that provides that

Invitation letter to travel to America and Europe

We provide an official invitation letter to travel to America and Europe, and we also provide reservations for embassies appointments and arrange papers

Job application service

We will help you to apply for job opportunities, as it is now available exclusively through us. More than 130 companies in all fields provide job opportunities and training for graduates and students.

Paper preparation

A professional paper preparation service for you to use in applying for any Scholarship you want to apply for yourself

Guaranteed opportunities for admission to travel to the Netherlands

We have a partnership with one of the Dutch institutions to provide training opportunities and courses with enormous advantages and guaranteed acceptance and to provide a letter of acceptance (invitation letter) to facilitate the Netherlands visa with the possibility of obtaining work as well and residing in the Netherlands permanently