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About us

Among the reasons that prompted us to start the channel and website, is the difficulty that most students find in searching for scholarships, so we decided to publish our experience in this field, given that we all have fully funded scholarships in several different countries around the world, and we have partnerships with universities and international institutions In Asia and Europe such as: Hungary, Switzerland, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia in addition to the United States of America. Through this short period, we were able to provide assistance to more than 60,000 people in terms of applying to them for the scholarships they want, answering all inquiries and following up with them during the application and after the application. And we are still going to give more.

منح من كل الالوان ، منح دراسية مجانية
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About us

Our team

mohammed ashraf
Mohamed Ashraf
Founder & Supervisor

Egyptian nationality, owner of a Scholarships Everywhere channel. I am the founder and supervisor of a channel and website for Scholarships Everywhere, and responsible for the administration and everything related to planning and organizing. I traveled to many countries, Europe and Asia, in the framework of scholarships and work. I seek to benefit everyone from my experience and the experience of my team and help them to travel and study abroad

Mahdi Malfidh
Customer Service

Moroccan nationality, I am one of the members of Scholarships Everywhere team. Among my responsibilities: the service of helping the students by answering their inquiries and guide them. I was selected as one of the team members due to my long experience in Scholarships. I am fluent in multiple languages, including French, English. And my desire is to help the students to get a better education.

sally abdalaziz
Sally Abdelaziz

A Yemeni national, residing in Indonesia, holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. I am fluent in English and Indonesian, and I have experience in professional presentation and work as an applier in Scholarships Everywhere team.

hanan samir
Hanan Samir

Egyptian nationality. She has great experience in scholarships, has been accepted into many scholarships, and is proficient in the English language. She works in the field of applying for scholarships with Scholarships Everywhere

siham ahmed
Siham Ahmed

Moroccan nationality. residing in Germany
I hold a master’s degree in physics and I have a lot of experience in applying for scholarships and I have obtained a scholarship at the undergraduate level in Germany and I work with Scholarships Everywhere channel in applying for scholarships and I help in preparing letters of intent, CVs and research studies for all levels of study and in various scholarships .

amar abdelwasia
Amar abdelwasia
Customer Service Officer

Yemeni national residing in Indonesia before I was residing in Malaysia and before that Singapore.
For me, I got many scholarships, such as: the Singapore National University Scholarship, a scholarship in Italy, a 6-month training course in Spain, a Kent University scholarship, and I also got a free TOEFL preparation scholarship in Turkey online ... and this is what made me join the channel team of Scholarships Everywhere, as the channel’s customer service officer to respond to applicants’ inquiries and receive requests for scholarships.

samar ghaleb
Samar Ghaleb
Customer Service

Lebanese national customer service to communicate with students and people to apply for scholarships, register their students and respond to inquiries. She has long experience in scholarships, as she was accepted into many scholarships previously.

abdelali ali
Abdelali Id Ali

Moroccan national works in applying to students for scholarships and has extensive experience in applying for scholarships and opportunities professionally for more than 5 years

aya gamil
Aya Gamil
Content Writer

She has Turkish and Syrian citizenship as a content writer who works in writing scholarship articles and opportunities where she has the skill in writing scholarship articles in a professional manner and presenting the details of scholarships in a comprehensive manner